ABOUT School of ME


The school of mechanical engineering was founded in 1978, formerly known as the mechanical department of Maanshan Iron and Steel Institute. In 1985, it was renamed as the department of mechanical engineering of East China Metallurgical University. In 2000, it was renamed as the School of Mechanical Engineering of Anhui University of Technology. Currently, the school has 107 faculty members, including one academic technology leader of Anhui province, two reserve candidates for academic technology leader of Anhui province, four technology leading talents of strategic emerging industries in Anhui Province, one young Wanjiang scholars in Anhui Province, one outstanding teachers of Anhui province, two famous teachers of Anhui province, one excellent teacher in Anhui Province, two outstanding teachers of baosteel education fund and three new star eductionist in Anhui Province.

The school consists of 8 departments, including the department of mechanical design, Manufacturing and Automation, the department of mechanical engineering, the department of vehicle engineering, the department of robot engineering, the department of mechanical design, the department of mechanics, the department of drawing and the department of the engineering practice center. The school also has five national and provincial scientific research platform, including the international scientific and technological cooperation base of intelligent equipment manufacturing in special service environment, national and local joint engineering research center for advanced mechanism and control technology of intelligent robots, the engineering research center of hydraulic vibration technology in Anhui province, the key laboratory of special heavy-duty robot in Anhui province, and intelligent disassembly equipment engineering laboratory in Anhui province. Currently, there are four bachelor's degrees in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering and robotics engineering. There are one master's degree in mechanical engineering and one professional master's degree in mechanical engineering, and one doctoral degree in metallurgy intelligent manufacturing and process management. Among them, the major of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is the national first-class undergraduate major construction point, and the majors of mechanical engineering and vehicle engineering is the provincial first-class undergraduate major construction points. The school has a key discipline of mechanical design and its theory in Anhui province and three excellent innovation teams. The school also has five provincial excellent teaching teams, including mechanical manufacturing and automation, engineering mechanics, basic courses of machinery, engineering drawing and mechanics of materials. The school has 2028 undergraduate students and 316 graduate students.  

In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 380 scientific research projects, including 30 national natural science foundation projects and national key research and development projects, more than 70 ministry of education and provincial and ministerial projects, and more than 300 enterprises tackle key projects. There are 4 first prize, 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes in Anhui science and technology, and published more than 400 academic papers, including more than 200 papers included in SCI and EI. More than 170 invention patents have been authorized. It has won 3 first prizes and 3 second prizes of teaching achievements in Anhui Province.

In recent years, students have achieved good results in the international genetically engineered machine design competitions, college students' academic science and technology competition and practical activities. The school has won the silver prize in the international genetically engineered machine design competitions, the silver prize in the "Challenge Cup" Chinese college students' scientific and technological works competition, the silver prize in the entrepreneurship plan competition, and the first and second prizes in national undergraduate mechanical innovation design competition and the national college students' advanced drawing technology and product information modeling innovation. College graduates are welcomed by employers for their solid foundation and outstanding ability, and the employment rate has been among the best in the university.  

The school has established extensive cooperation and exchanges with universities and relevant research institutes in the United States, Germany, South Korea, Serbia, Turkey and other countries and regions. The school has established a good industry-academy-research cooperation relation with Baowu group, Laigang, Taier heavy industry, Chery Automobile, Efort Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., HUALING XINGMA Automobile (group) Co., Ltd., Jingtian hydraulic and other large enterprises.

             (Data deadline: February 2023